Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thinking about posting . . .

I'm thinking one of my dear readers has this blog link, and therefore may wonder when I will post again!  In fact, there is a year of posts just waiting to be read . . .  just click here.

So, yes, I have many wonderful ideas and posts floating around in my head which will be translated into official posts. When? Hmmm, good question. Probably when I get my real laptop back. Right now I just have this iPad which is lovely for most of my Internet needs, but a real pain when it comes to blog posts or uploading pictures. Chris has our laptop currently while his is getting fixed and I'm actually getting anxious to write and share thoughts and ideas once again. As for pictures, well all my May pictures were accidentally deleted - UGH - so, my next post will be a recount of the important events that were lost with the pics, because I know if I don't write them down soon, those memories might be gone forever without pictures to remember them by.

As for life in general, I can't complain. It's summer, the kids have been sweet and helpful, the yard is beautiful, the mountains are absolutely stunning, and every evening I still find myself caught off guard by the beauty of the sunset. Ahhhh, as the sun descends into the western sky and our backyard is cooled by the canyon breeze and I sit with a favorite book, while the little girls, carefree and happy, race with the neighbor kids up and the down the streets of our cul-de-sac on their scooters . . . truly, not much more brings such peace and sense of childlike wonder to the soul.

Thank you summer.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good-bye school, hello SUMMER

Ahhhh, the final day of the school year.

Desks and lockers emptied, yearbooks signed, hugs goodbye, even tears (notice Sophie - she and her best friend ADORED their teacher and were very, very sad to have to say "good-bye") . . . another year of school has ended with it's usual fanfare of parties, field trips, field days, and excitement.  I think this has to be one of my favorite parts of being a mom - when those last few days seem to bring back memories of the pure freedom associated with the end of school and beginning of summer vacation that I remember so well from my own childhood and adolescence . . . quite nostalgic.

Liza and friend Kate at field day

Sophie helping the girls team during tug-a-war

The local firemen surprised the kids with their trucks

Soph and friends were SOAKED!

After field day, I raced over to the Jr. High to set up for the 9th grade promotion party LUAU.  Thanks to Caroline and Jodelle's daughter Hannah for their help!

Here they come - tired boys after a day at Lagoon . . . let's get this party started!

Ryan and best buddy Sam Peterson  - boys will be boys . . . sigh.

Awesome party - shaved ice, dinner, live band, and yearbook signing!

Our boys didn't mind too much having us there - Jodelle always keeps things lively!

Caroline signing yearbooks this morning w/ friends Maddie and Sophie

Our teacher gifts - a special cookie and movie gift cards.

Liza saying "good-bye" to her kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Pope and Mrs. Oakeson - what a great year!

Sophie and her absolute FAVORITE teacher of all time, Mrs. Menssen.  She will be dearly missed!

Sweet Hunter gave Sophie a hug to help her feel better - she did manage a smile!