Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here comes the SUN

We have had enough of this frigid ice box - bleah.  So, this afternoon we are heading to Palm Desert, CA where it looks like THIS . . .

Say hello to bright blue skies, swimming, outdoor tennis, bikes, golf, palm trees, and the warm sun on our skin once again, ahhhh, hopefully this long weekend will keep us sane until March :-).


cher said...

Oh my goodness... I'm SO glad you're outta here!! I've been wondering what you're up to over there! : ) Catch some rays for me, ok? (I'm just happy we're supposed to be in the low 40's for a couple of days this weekend!)

Have fun!

cher said...

ok. Scratch that. The forecast changed. 38 degrees. I'll still take it! : )