Monday, December 30, 2013

good-bye 2013

I saw this today and thought it might just be the right little quote to start off writing once again.  We are indeed hoping for some "good madness" in the coming year, sprinkled with a few magical moments.  As I ponder the changes I wish to make in the new year, reflect on the good and not so great events of the past year, and hold onto the hope that all will be well, I am at peace.  At peace knowing that I am not in control, but I do have power to make our lives better each day . . . power to make change within myself, to overcome weakness, to become stronger, to accomplish goals, and to share more love and compassion.

Everything that may or may not happen during this coming year is out of my control and that's alright.  We have been so blessed and strengthened by the love extended to us by so many cherished friends and family.  Honestly, so blessed.  You truly see the best in people, understand how much they care for you and your family, and especially realize how much you are loved when something life altering suddenly takes you by surprise.

Speaking of tender mercies, and as I say farewell to 2013, I would like to recount a few of the little miracles that happened to our family this past year:
  • Ryan's mission call to serve in Ukraine.  It has been a great source of strength for each of us knowing Ryan is working hard and sacrificing much to serve the Lord and share the beautiful message and gospel of Jesus Christ to the wonderful people in Ukraine.
  • Experiences for growth in the lives of our daughters.  Each of the girls have been faced with their own personal trials and moments where growing pains were evident.  I am grateful for the people in their lives who have strengthened them and offered wise advice and comfort.
  • Our new home.  SO.BLESSED. 
I know there are many more little miracles that came our way during 2013, but I am ready to forge ahead to a bright new year and welcome 2014 with an open heart, hoping that I may even "surprise myself" with something unexpected and wonderful . . .  some of that "good madness."

Happy New Year my friends!