Monday, January 28, 2013

year in review: april & may 2012

{ April }
I actually did cover a lot of April on the blog, but missed a few important events (i.e. Ryan's birthday) . . .

April began with a quick trip to St. George for spring break - 
a little chilly, but a much needed welcome break from our day to day routine!

Sophie meeting the author of The False Prince, Jennifer Nielsen at her book launch.  Jennifer and I grew up together and Sophie was thrilled to meet her and get her book signed.

Ryan's Birthday:
His best friends came over (early) and surprised Ryan (in his bed) and stayed for breakfast.  Meet Ryan's friends: Maddie P., Stu B., Maddy H., Julie T., and Sean S.  (I adore these kids and Ryan is so blessed to be surrounded by such great friends).  Having everyone over was a great way to start the morning, and I'm feeling like a bit of a slacker mom since these are pretty much the only pictures I have from his 17th.  Hopefully we'll be better for his 18th in a few months.

{ May }
Liza's baptism, Mother's Day, the last month of school & activities, Caroline's 15th birthday, SPRING . . .

Forgive the orientation - I couldn't fix this, but just HAVE to post Liza's sweet ode to spring: 
composed May 2012 (2nd grade).

Liza's Baptism:
My attempt to capture just the right picture for Liza's baptism invitations 
(she was very patient with my very amateur photography skills).

Everyone gathering at the house before heading over for Liza's baptism (Grandma with the girls and cousin Owen).  May 12, 2012.

Liza was so excited for her special day, and it was a beautiful baptism and confirmation by Chris.  Ryan and Caroline gave the talks and we were all a little emotional watching our little Liza become the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Lunch and desserts ready at the house for family and friends

Liza with her best friend and cousins

Uncle Travis and Liza.  Doesn't she just look so clean and pure in this picture?  So sweet.

Had to grab the big kids for a picture with Liza - especially after their tender talks at the baptism

The next day (Mother's Day) we realized we never got a picture of Liza with Mom and Dad, 
so better late than never.

Mother's Day 2012.  Thank you kids for enriching my life in ways I could have never imagined.  Motherhood is indeed a most wondrous blessing.

End of school activities:
Sophie was Helen Keller in the 5th grade wax museum and did a fantastic job ignoring me and staying in character as I took pictures.

Oakridge "Art Night" - Liza with one of her works of art and Sophie with friend Amelia demonstrating their skills on the cool instruments (I have no idea what they are called).

Sophie was pretty proud that she took 3rd place out of the 5th grade girls in the annual "fun run."

Oakridge Elementary "Super Kids Day" to celebrate the end of the school year.  
I love volunteering for this event - so much fun!

Caroline's birthday:
It was a covert operation to plan a surprise party for the girl who continued to remind me and all her friends that she "did NOT want a big party!"  Her best friend Maddie planned and carried out a huge party at her house just for Caroline (I think there were close to 60 kids who came), and after the initial shock, I'm pretty sure our Miss Caroline thought it was pretty neat to celebrate in style with all her friends.

Video of Caroline's reaction

Her really close friends (Sara G., Olivia, and Maddie) came over for breakfast the next morning - May 25, 2012 - they had to be there for the actual date she turned 15!

Sophie was so excited to give her the i-pod she had won in a raffle at school, along with an i-tunes card.  Such a sweet moment - Sophie could hardly wait for Caroline to open her gift!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012: year in review (1st quarter)

I was a horrible family blogger last year and it was my goal over the Christmas break to do a little catch up, which obviously didn't happen.  Is it just me, or did everyone else's life suddenly switch into hyperdrive mode??  So much for slowing down . . .

To celebrate the Christmas decorations finally getting put away (today) and Chris finally bringing home a new lap top (last week), I will try to earnestly blog again.  Especially now that it can be accomplished with my feet up while relaxing on the couch :)

With major events such as birthdays and vacations that didn't get any coverage last year, I'm hoping to get it all wrapped up in a few days by posting a few months at a time . . .

{ January } 
Sundance Film Festival and Skyline Hockey:

Another year at Sundance!
Josh Radnor, actor/director (after a screening of Liberal Arts).  LOVE his work and I am looking forward to seeing another film of his at the 2013 fest (Afternoon Delight).
Taylor Swift and Ethel Kennedy after the premiere screening of the documentary Ethel, 
directed by Ethel's youngest daughter, Rory Kennedy.  
Ok, ya, I have to admit it was pretty cool to be within a few feet of the fabulous Ms. Swift.
Director Ben Zeitliin and cast of Beasts of the Southern Wild, which was just nominated for an Academy Award for best film, director, and lead actress.  This film was an experience I'll never forget.
Meeting director Eugene Jareki on the streets of Park City.  Talented director of the documentaries,  The House I Live In  (2012) and Why We Fight (2010).  It was an honor to have a few minutes to chat with him!
William Macy and John Hawkes after the screening of The Sessions.  
I was so touched by the human elements of this film - it was beautiful.
Saying "hello" to Mr. Macy 
My friend Cheryln after a seeing the film Safety Not Guaranteed (delightful).  Before the screening, they showed a short called Bear - definitely something we didn't expect that kept us laughing all day.
Hence, we just had to pose with Park City's own "Bear."

After Sundance, it's back to real life and this sweet face:
I brought this hat back from Park City for Liza and she loved it so much, it was all she wore for the next three months.  I'm not exaggerating.  It was the first thing she put on in the morning and the last thing she took off.  Finally, by the end of March after she had developed a rash on her forehead, we convinced her that it was time for the polar bear hat to retire until next winter.
Breakfast in the hat.

A few pictures of Ryan on the ice with the Skyline Varsity Hockey team (Jan 2012):
Boy, am I going to miss high school hockey next year.
Actually, after 12 years of cheering this kid from the bench, I am going to REALLY miss the afternoons and evenings spent at the rink watching our Ryan play hockey.  *sigh.  Next winter is going to be tough - I honestly think I will feel a big chunk of my life missing.  *sniff

{ February }
Valentine's Day and "Sweetheart" Intermountain jr. tennis tourney:

"Letting go" mother moment:  allowing my 7 year old to design and create her very own 
Valentine's box without any interference (oh, so difficult).  
She did it all - cut the hole in her box, covered it with paper, and the decorating . . .  a'la Liza!
Room mother extravaganza in Sophie's 5th grade class.  Valentine parties rock!
Sophie delivering her Valentines
We moms are in charge of feeding the troops -
 how about heart shaped waffles, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries - yum!
Sophie and friend Emily
Liza's 2nd grade class:  Valentine Bingo!
With best bud Gracie.
Brrrr.  It was a chilly President's Day weekend in St. George for the tennis tourney.
So grateful for my parents for hosting us and watching HOURS of tennis.  LOVE THEM!

{ March }
Liza's 8th birthday and a ski days:

Happy 8th Liza Lou!
We love our little sis!
Oh, she's not excited at all . . .
So grown up!
Off to school . . .
Since it wasn't a "party" year, she wanted to go with Gracie to Liberty Park after school.
Cute friends!

Then it was off for Liza's big birthday surprise:
Yep, after swearing up and down after hamsters, hermit crabs, fish, a guinea pig, rabbit, and dog that we were DONE with pets, Liza convinced her dad that she just had to have a hamster of her own.
We were so enthralled with the little critters that we couldn't just choose one, so Liza picked out TWO cute little hamsters.  She named them Chunkers and Fred.

Time for presents!
An FAO Panda - the closest we could come to a "real" Panda (that was her #1 birthday wish)
The hamsters all set in their new home (Liza's bedroom)
Excitement at the pet store!

A few Snowbird pics:
Sophie and friend Emily
Liza and Gracie ready to head into Mineral Basin
 . . . and they're off!
Ski days are always more fun with your best friend :)