Sunday, September 5, 2010


I love, love, love this production.  The beauty, grace, and pure artistry that encompasses The Lion King is unparalleled.  Julie Taymor is simply a genius, and it was a delight watching the show again last night, this time with Liza and Sophie.  It was their first time experiencing the magic, and I made sure our tickets were in the orchestra on the aisle so the girls could view those amazing animals up close as they made their way to the stage, as well as truly feel the rhythm and pulse of the African Savannah through inspiring music and dance.  It was also a treat to have Chris' mom along for the evening.  The girls were so excited to surprise grandma Pat with this special outing and we all enjoyed our time together.

Before the show - so excited!

With Grandma Pat

Almost curtain time

Perfect evening with the girls

For old times sake, here are some pics from the first time we took Ryan and Caroline to NYC in 2005 to see the production . . .
They were so little (notice how they were the same height . . . I remember people asking if they were twins - haha) - seems like yesterday!


Kristin said...

so jealous. one day. one day. lol.
glad you got to take the littles. that's fun.

Kristi said...

Amazing. Jason and I went a couple of weeks ago, and I think it's my new favorite. It is so visually stunning, and I love the Lion King musical score. Lily also went with some friends from our neighborhood, and I loved listening to her memories and favorite scenes.

I love the picture of your tiny kids - they did look like twins!