Tuesday, August 23, 2011

As of late

Missing the kids while they are away at school, but glad to have some time to myself.

Wishing summer vacation could last another few weeks.

Needing more sleep.

Devouring two engaging books:  Peace Like a River and Of Human Bondage.

Cheering for my daughter and her team as she competes in her first high school tennis matches. 

Listening to No Doubt About It by Sheri Dew, and then blasting U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind on the i-pod while I clean the house.

Relishing the cooler evenings, the feel of the grass under my barefeet, crickets, and late night walks with Lucy.

Bursting with pride and emotion after listening to Ryan's thoughtful talk in sacrament meeting.

Realizing we never made it up our canyon for a hike, not once, all summer.  Sigh.

Healing from an unfortunate bike accident a few days ago.  Ya, our dog ran in front of my bike, we collided, and I landed hard on the asphalt - smart one - ouch.

Wanting to spend every minute outdoors, but knowing that I've put off "indoor activities" too long and organization is now top priority.  Sigh.

Driving everywhere.

Participating in the kids' nonstop chatter as they share their first day of school experiences.

Watching the neighborhood crew play while I read in the shade.

Baking loaves of zucchini bread

Attending our last BEES baseball games and cheering on the guys with our dear friend Jenny Sandoval.

Wondering if I really can accomplish the lofty goals I've set for myself this fall.

Studying and Pondering the scriptures . . . looking forward to another discussion with my study group.

Feeling the love Chris has for our children as he gives them each a father's blessing before they begin another school year.

Laughing (and crying) with old friends.

Loving life . . .  and trying to slow down enough to enjoy it.


Kristin said...

You hit the dog?! LOL. How is SHE?

cher said...