Sunday, December 9, 2012

that time of year again

Well, with a bunch of Cantera happenings floating around my brain that need to be captured on the blog and not exactly sure where to start, I just have get something new up.

So, here are few ski pics I just found from last March . . .

Ahhh, nothing better than spring skiing.  I doubt Chris even owns a ski jacket or goggles ;).

Annual ski time with our Colorado cousins . . . 
three days on the slopes and nonstop giggles from these girls!

With Ryan in Honeycomb . . . attempting to find some untouched powder.

We are loving the new season and thrilled that already we have better snow than we did much of last year. Saturdays are pure bliss - the teens are at Snowbird, Liza is at Solitude with ski team, and I have the option of either time on the slopes with Sophie or a quiet day at home.  My favorite part of the day is when everyone trickles in around 4pm with their mountain stories.  Here is sampling from this weekend . . .

Ryan:  "The cirque today was so good, I almost cried.  Really, Mom, it was unbelievable - fresh tracks all day . . . did I tell you I almost cried it was so good?!"

Liza:  "I guess I didn't get my boot in my binding the right way after lunch because half way up the chairlift my ski fell off . . .  but don't worry, my coach is really fast, so we waited on top and he found my ski and brought it back." 

Caroline:  "I froze my butt off."

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Kristin said...

jealous. so fun for your family!