Wednesday, January 9, 2013

wannabe movie critic

Yep, that seems an apt description for my unsolicited movie criticisms (don't ask me what I thought of Les Mis) and today for two minutes I chatted with one of the greatest movie critics EVER, David Denby from the New Yorker magazine.  He was featured on one of my favorite NPR programs, RadioWest with Doug Fabrizio (ok, love him) to promote his new book, "Do the Movies Have a Future."

I couldn't resist calling in, especially after listening to his thoughts about a current blockbuster (I decided right then and there we were kindred spirits).

They took my call and I not only said hello to Mr. Fabrizio (sigh), I had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Denby (very cool).

Disclaimer:  I NEVER call radio stations, ever.  This was a first, and within a few minutes a text and a couple emails from friends who listened to the program popped up, asking if indeed it was me spouting off about mediocrity at the megaplex.  Oh, yes indeed.  Never one to hold back an opinion when it comes to formulaic, manipulative movies (as explained in this post from last year).

So, here you go, an insightful interview with the brilliant Mr. Denby, and my radio moment (31 minutes into the hour):


Marti said...

My parents know Doug! You are funny. I am going to listen.

Kristin said...

Can you tell me where you are in this? I can't listen to the whole thing... :/