Saturday, February 9, 2013

we're all about learning through experience

This afternoon while driving Liza down the canyon after ski team, she announced she tried something she had always wondered about.  This is how the conversation with my eight year old went down:

Liza:  Today I wanted to see what would happen if I put my tongue on the bar that goes across the chairlift.

Me: (thinking - she CANNOT be serious) - um, ya, so did you give it a try?

Liza:  Yep

Me:  . . . and . . . did it stick?

Liza:  Yep

Me: . . . and . . . what did you do?

Liza: Well, I couldn't keep it there forever because I had to get off the chairlift.

Me:   . . . so, did you pull it off . . . did it hurt?

Liza:  Yep.

That was the end of our discussion about body parts stuck on cold metal.  Apparently she must have had a sudden urge to act out everyone's favorite scene from The Christmas Story.

I highly doubt she'll ever try that again.

Lesson learned.

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Kristin said...

LOL. Kids-- they keep us young don't they?