Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Way Cool Mom" - really?

OK, so on my profile my occupation is listed as "way cool mom." Let me explain so you all don't keep wondering what makes me believe that i'm all that "cool." When I was putting this blog together and came to the part about an occupation I asked Sophie who was in the room what it is that i do - for my work, what is my job. She thought for awhile and asked, "hmmm, you take care of kids?" "Well, yes," I told her, "yep, you're right, I do indeed take care of my kids . . . i'm a mom." Then she responded, "oh, you're not just a mom, you're a way cool mom!" I loved it and told her she was the sweetest thing ever and gave her a big kiss and posted "way cool mom." Now, if I had asked Ryan, I highly doubt the "way cool" part would have even entered his mind - moms aren't cool anymore once your child enters jr. high school - believe me.

From age 5 until about 7 or 8 are magical years. These are the years when you as the mom are just about the greatest thing around, second only to a Disney princess. What I love most about this time is that you little ones think you have all the answers, and that you are so full of wisdom and information that they don't even question you. The barrage of questions at this age definitely gets a little tedious . . . "Where do all the potato bugs go during the winter? . . . "Why doesn't it hurt when I get my haircut?" . . . "What will happen if we put Daisie (our guinea pig) in the bathtub?" However, you are practically perfect (well, not "Mary Poppins" perfect according to Liza) in their eyes and they haven't begun to recognize that you do indeed have shortcomings and weaknesses.

It's an age when they delight in having you walk them into school and help in the class (compare that w/my darling 13-year old who can't get out of the car fast enough). They are years filled with "i love yous," and "you're the best mom in the world," and a neverending supply of notes, pictures, and letters delievered personally by your 6-year old. This age just makes me smile and I've kept several of these sweet notes from Ryan, Caroline, and Sophie - they are so precious to me. It's also comforting to know that I still have one child who has yet to turn five, and I'm SO looking forward to it!

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christensen crew said...

Julie! Yay, you are blogging! Your blog is darling and I love seeing all of the cute pictures down the have such beautiful kids! Even "The Teenager". AND, you really are a way cool mom. YOu are Super Mom.

You're doing great, just keep the content coming!

Can't wait to hang out tomorrow afternoon! Love Kate C.