Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

Well, here goes my official entry into the blogging world . . . I've been aware that it's one of those things that i've just got to do, but how to go about the whole thing is still a little strange. But, whatever, i'm doing it for all those family members who tell us we never stay in touch or don't call - you know who you are :-). As for the rest of you, read what you want, stay informed with the insanity of our household, or just log on for a good laugh. We're far from perfect and after reading posts on this blog you'll realize it soon enough. Caroline and Ryan are both embarrassed beyond words that I'm starting a blog, and it makes me laugh thinking of all the fun i'm going to have telling you all what's going on in their lives! Chris thinks it's fabulous and secretly hopes that i'll be so popular as to have ads posted and it becomes a full-time job so he can retire, and the little girls don't have a clue that their antics will now be display for all of you to view.

So to all my wonderful family members and friends: i hope you find some enlightenment, if not amusement from our blog as you check it periodically. As soon as my dear, but somewhat forgetful husband gets around to downloading the pictures from the past few months onto this computer, i'll write about some of our most recent events - with pictures - what fun!!

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Kelly said...

Thank you, Julie, I just spent over an hour here reading your entire blog. Your presentation is lovely, as always.