Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am . . .

I know, I've been a horrible blogger this month. I have pictures from Christmas to post, New Year's resolutions to discuss, and of course the daily happenings of our changing lives. For now, it's just overwhelming and I'll get around to the pictures, but for tonight I just felt the need to write something, so I figured I'll do a tag. I've been tagged three times and haven't followed through, so I'll just do this one and call it good.

I am

I am... a mother, wife, friend, daughter, aunt, niece, cousin . . . .
I think... too much, always planning.
I want... my children to stay young forever.
I have... an opinion about everything - just ask.
I miss... my close friends.
I fear... losing those that are dearest to me.
I feel... too deeply - I'm passionate about many things.
I hear... nothing - the peace of evening when I'm alone.
I smell... the chocolate chip cookies Caroline baked tonight.
I crave... fresh air, blue skies, and the sound of rushing water.
I cry... when I feel someone's pain.
I search... everyday for something I've misplaced!
I wonder... what my childrens' futures hold.
I regret... the things I've said or done on impulse, without really thinking before acting.
I wish... for simplicity.
I love... to stay active, busy, and on the run.
I care... about my relationships, my health, and my spirituality.
I always... smile and laugh.
I worry... that I don't worry enough!
I am not... a great time manager or organizer.
I remember... EVERYTHING - dang this memory of mine.
I believe... in my husband.
I sing... ALL the time - I love music.
I don't always... have patience.
I argue... when I feel misunderstood.
I lose... myself sometimes.
I listen... and try my darnest not to interrupt - major flaw of mine.
I can usually be found... in the car, on the court, in the mountains, or with the kids.
I need... more hours during the day.
I forget... pain and heartache - almost too quickly.
I am happy... when I can make those around me happy :-).


Kristin said...

You remember everything? I can't remember what I ate for breakfast, or my children's names, or the name of our bishop half the time... you are like, not even aging a bit, must be all the activity. Dang. One more reason to get my butt off the couch...

Kristi said...

glad you're back! I've been checking... ;)

Cute post and peek into who you are... and, my verdict is that you are happy and compassionate. Oh, and I agree with Kristin - you don't sound like you are aging a bit!

lyn. said...

You must know the same Julie I know!!
Imagine that... lol