Sunday, July 12, 2009


Refreshing, quirky, talented, true, beautiful, poetic . . . I can't describe how I feel about my latest find - Regina Spektor. In the age of studio artists and glorified karaoke contests such as American Idol, it's indeed a breath of fresh air to find an artist that stays true to music and lyrics as a form of art. I think she's simply adorable and brilliant, and I can't get enough of her!


Aubrey said...

Instant fan! I love this song and will now proceed to finding out more about this artist. I agree with you so much, LETS HAVE SOME TRULY UNIQUE TALENT PEOPLE!

Michelle said...

I ended up buying the whole soundtrack to Prince Caspian just to get one of her songs after seeing the movie.

Sorry we missed you guys at the pool again last week—we spent the day with some friends who were vacationing in Park City. My girls have been talking about Liza, so let me know when you'll be there again.

gina said...

I agree!! I love her and itune'd everything she has. Now Weston is trying to itune it all out - getting sick of it.

Music and lyrics IS ART!! Poetry set to music. Ahhhh.... a gift from God to make our journey beautiful.

Kristi said...

Fun share - thanks. :)

Hey, have a great time at the social tonight. Wish I could be there.... You are a gem to take that on, and I'm sure it will be fabulous.

See you tomorrow.