Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photo shoot

All summer I kept procrastinating Sophie's 8-year pics and Caroline's 12-year photos - I try and get nice pictures of the kids at age 1, 4, 8, 12, then 16 - I like these ages, milestone ages, and a lot of change takes place in those short years, plus it's fun to see the kids' pictures side by side when they were the same age.  Anyway, I contacted Jamie (a darling photgrapher - we met last year after she took Liza's 4 yr. photo) and told her I needed some quick pictures of Sophie and Caroline before the good weather was gone, AND before they turned 9 and 13!

Before I knew it Jamie told me that I might as well bring Ryan and Liza along as well for some sibling photos, then she suggested doing these "urban shots" downtown as well as the girls' pics at Memory Grove, then the night before she sent me an e-mail telling me to look decent because I might as well jump in some shots as well.  Sooo, after running around like a mad woman trying to find outfits that didn't clash for the kids, getting everyone up early and ready on a Saturday, changing the girls in the car into their dresses, and trying to look put together myself, I have to say I was quite pleased with the final product.  Here are a few of the many I liked:

I'm happy, especially now it's over :-).  Jamie's great - click here if you're interested.  She's extremely reasonable - $150 for the entire shoot, plus editing, and the cd is yours to keep.  It was worth the effort!


Jenna Tilt said...

So cute!! I've got to get us some new family photos too. You know I'll be expecting one for Christmas :)...We can do an exchange!!

Kristi said...

You have a lot of fun posts since I last visited here. :) Your pictures are ridiculously cute.

Loved your thoughts on motherhood/marriage.

Hope (and trust) you are enjoying these beautiful fall days.

Marti said...

Those are really great pictures!

Kristin said...

OMheck! Gorgeous shots! Although I'm laughing just thinking about you getting ready for it all! We have not attempted any group shots since Kate was a baby. Too much to wrap my head around! LOL.

Deja said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

Kelly said...

These children are so achingly beautiful that my heart bursts with pride when I look at these photos. You and Chris achieved some miraculous feats together, Julie. I can only imagine how proud you must feel yourselves. You are a classy, elegant woman (HOT mamma), too!

ohh, nice, Jackson Browne is singing "For a Dancer" yummy. thank you. Here comes Neil and Sweet Caroline. Love your music.