Sunday, October 31, 2010

and so it is with life . . .

"You learn much more from a flop than a hit, because it's hard to learn anything when everyone is praising you to the skies on those opening nights when everything is going well."
~ Oscar Hammerstein (1895-1960) ~

I heard this quoted the other day while listening to a story on NPR about the life of Oscar Hammerstein.  It grabbed my attention because I thought, "that is so true . . . I learn much more about myself when I really screw things up and someone witnesses me at my worst, but then with patience and forgiveness, allows me to grow from the experience."

It is wonderful when others appreciate and adore you because they always see you at your best, but it's truly something when those you've let down still love you despite your weaknesses and shortcomings.  I know my life is filled with fabulous "opening nights" as well as many "flops" and I'm so grateful for an audience that still appreciates and supports my occasional flawed performance :-).