Sunday, November 7, 2010


Halloween Memories

  • Carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds
  • Digging through the memory filled costume boxes with the kids to find that "perfect" costume for this year and trying to figure out how to fulfill Liza's wish to be the "Target Dog," until she decided she wanted to be a witch again . . . phew.
  • YW/YM activity - bowling in costume with the kids from the "hood."
  • Elementary school Halloween parade
  • Neighborhood costume party at the Farnsworth's (no kids :-).
  • Primary Halloween party with the Burmese primary children
  • Scarrots!!  Yes, my clever idea of a healthy Halloween treat for trick-or-treaters (found in the produce section - individual packages of baby carrots in cool Halloween wrapping) wasn't as well received by my family as orignally thought, but sure made for a good laugh and a lot of teasing!  In the end we figured our guests would rather have cookies.
  • HALLOWEEN NIGHT: trick-or-treating with the little girls, first dodging the rain in our little neighborhood, but then enjoying a most perfect evening watching the kids run through the leaves from house to house, chatting with friends and neighbors while sipping hot chocolate around a fire at the Lundbergs, and just LOVING the fresh canyon "after rain" scent permeating the cool night air . . . ahhhh my favorite, then coming home and dumping out candy, jumping into warm pjs and cuddling on the couch to watch "Harry Potter."  Such a fun, yet exhausting night . . . can't wait for next year!
Sophie and Liza before school on parade day

Ryan and ward friends at their party . . . and yes, that is our YM president as Superman - love it!

Maddie and Caroline at the party (sans the wigs)

With friend Jen at the neighborhood party . . . yes, that is part of Sophie's costume ;-).

Before trick-or-treating

All set to head out in the rain with our friends

The two pirates collecting their booty!

Spooky night . . .

Keeping warm at the Lundbergs - neighborhood pit-stop for doughnuts and hot chocolate

Liza and best friend Gracie

Traditional final stop before heading home . . . THE HOGGANS!


Kathryn said...

Julie - that is so funny that you bought those carrots! I saw them in the store and laughed, and have been joking with my classes about how I am going to pass out carrots this year, and no one will come to my house again! I guess people really do buy them! :) I bet it made for some great laughs!

Julie said...

Oh, you have no idea - seriously, we laughed for days . . . Chris and the kids were all, "you have GOT to be kidding!!" We ended up using the carrots in their lunches :-).