Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our Cantera Christmas

Word of warning: picture overload, but too many fun memories to not post . . .

Traditional family Christmas evening together.  We ventured downtown with grandma Pat the weekend before Christmas to see the magnificent lights on Temple Square (this picture is of my favorite tree on the Temple grounds - it was unreal), then dinner, then over to the Rose Wagner Theater for Peter Breinholt's delightful Christmas concert.

Liza taking in the Nativity on Temple Square

Nowhere I'd rather be at Christmas time

Dinner at Red Rock

New Christmas dresses (thanks Cherlyn for the swap - they matched beautifully) for church the Sunday before Christmas

We were so happy to have Grandpa Ron join us for our ward's Christmas service

The Fam in our Sunday best

Hosting the Cantera family party later than evening - fun times!  We were very excited to receive three volumes of past Cantera family 16mm tape from Chris' growing up years on DVD - what a thoughtful gift.

Chris' sister Laura, husband Jon, and baby Hannah

Liza took this pic while Sophie and I were making our dough for cinnamon rolls -
this was a nice, peaceful afternoon, until I realized I'd planned WAY too much into my day!

PUPPY TIME!!  The Tuesday before Christmas, the girls and I drove to Idaho to pick out our new puppy.  We had a nice drive up to a 70 acre ranch where we met both the parents and played with this cute litter of mini Australian Shepherd puppies.

We'll take this one!

Bringing puppy home . . .

Ryan finally gets his dog!

Ahhh, Liza has a new playmate . . .

with no shortage of activities to do together

Even Chris can't resist!

Sophie and Caroline's Christmas piano recital

Making sugar cookies

Christmas Eve and new PJs

Ryan tracking "Santa" for the little girls
(Sophie held on one more year, but she's in on the big secret now :-)

CHRISTMAS MORNING . . . Sophie was thrilled with a guitar - and lessons - 
first thing to learn would be how to hold it correctly ;-).

Caroline - new racquet and tennis bag

Liza's loot

Ryan's new toy - 4G iTouch

What fun!

Oooohh, my new love - what a perfect Christmas!

And one of my absolute FAVORITE parts of Christmas -
all the cards from our beloved family and friends.

 . . ."God Bless us, every one!"
(Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol)

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Kristin said...

Looks like it was a great holiday for the Cantera's! How's the puppy potty training going? Is she a good fit for your family?

Hey, it's Jana's bday on the 12th, want to go out?