Saturday, December 31, 2011

as of late

This poor, neglected blog.  I begin to feel the longing to write again, a gentle tug pulling me back into the world of writing.  Hopefully I still remember how to write, how to capture the moments and feelings that are so dear to me, even if they flit in and out of my mind so quickly and grasping them to put on paper almost seems an exercise in futility.

After dropping Caroline off at her friend's this evening and making my way back to Wasatch, I was greeted by one of our breathtaking sunsets . . . the entire eastern sky above Mt. Olympus was painted pink and the western sky blazed of winter rose and orange.  It was simply stunning, and true to form, I suddenly stopped the car in the middle of the street (making sure no one was behind me) and jumped out and took a picture with my phone, obviously not capturing the scenery as lovely as I saw it, but nonetheless a moment I needed to keep because it made me write again:

This evening's sunset reminded me of the brilliant "winter wonderland" I stumbled across a few weeks ago as Liza and I were heading up Big Cottonwood early on a Saturday morning for ski team.  As we approached the meadow just east of the Spruces we were greeted by a scene like no other . . . the trees, the ground, and every branch on every bush glistened in the morning sun like crystal.  It was simply one of the most beautiful sites I'd ever seen, so of course, I stopped and took another phone picture:

Here are another couple phone pics from the last week.  I suppose I take these pics when I'm at my happiest, when mother nature gives me an unexpected surprise, a gift, to remind me that life is good . . . all you have to do is take a moment and look around:
 getting out of the smog and taking the kids and friends sledding in BC
getting myself out of the inversion for a hike up and around the reservoir
Happy New Year's Eve!!  Who knew we'd be playing tennis outside on December 31st . . . while the big kids don't mind hitting the slopes, the little girls and Lucy thought it would be more fun to go to the park :-).

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