Wednesday, May 9, 2012

sweet sophie

I had to find some time this evening to post Sophie's precious talk she gave in primary on Sunday.  Yes, that would be the same Sunday I just wrote about, the one when I ran out the door in record speed to get to my Snowbird post.  As I was frantically making myself presentable, I suddenly remembered Sophie had to give a talk that morning.  My parting words to my 10-year old were, "I am SO sorry Sophie, but you're going to have to write your primary talk during sacrament - good luck - hopefully I'll make it back in time to come see you."  A bewildered Sophie just stared at me and asked what she should talk about, and I gave her three safe options (prayer, choose the right, or baptism), told her to pick one and again, wished her the best of luck before I flew out the door.  My parting words to her went something like this, "don't let Dad see what you're doing or I'm really going to get an earful!"

Apparently she took her little notebook and a pen to church and dutifully picked up the slack that her forgetful mother left behind, because when I found my way into the primary room, she was already up front holding a little piece of paper where she had written her thoughts.

I was so touched by her talk considering Liza's baptism this week that I just had to post it:

For my talk today I will be speaking about baptism. Baptism is very special in our lives.  All your sins will be wiped away when you are baptized and you will come out of the water perfect and clean.  But after that you will have to repent to Heavenly Father when you do something wrong and ask forgiveness.

My little sister Liza is getting baptized this week.  I'm very happy that she's making this choice to be baptized.  I also hope that she will feel the spirit as much as I did. After she comes out of the water she will dress in a pretty white dress.  She will be the newest member of the church and be confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost.  I'm very grateful for this choice that Liza will be making and I know that she is a child of God and that Heavenly Father loves her and is glad that she is getting baptized.

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Kathryn said...

Love it Julie! Don't you love when your kids take matters in their hands and do things right? That is great!