Tuesday, May 8, 2012

time to blog??

Forget about it . . . after Chris' frustration the other day while I was scrambling to get ready to run up to the Snowbird branch to play piano (which had completely forgotten about until I stepped out of the shower and realized my neighbor who was giving me a ride was at the front door patiently waiting), he reminded me that if I would just MAKE A LIST and stop saying "yes" to everything, my life just might be a little less harried.  So, I quickly told my neighbor to go without me and set up, and I would hopefully be there for prelude.

And yes, I did make it in the nick of time and enjoyed a lovely meeting in the Cliff Lodge.  Our ward has the responsibility of holding sacrament up there each Sunday and I always enjoy playing for the small congregation of visitors that attend . . . especially when I actually remember that I am supposed to be there :-).

So, taking Chris' advice, I wrote down everything I need to do this week (not including Liza's informance, volleyball practice/game, Caroline's ballroom dance performances, kids' weekly lessons/activities, Art Night, Liza's baptism, and "teacher appreciation week" - which I am responsible for . . . oh heavens, do I dare tell him I've committed to PTA president!?!).

Here's the list I made yesterday morning and after Chris glanced at it last night, he added his own commentary (that would be the "holy crap" part):

One day I just may get back to blogging.


Kristin said...

I can't believe you're not insane... lol.

Julie said...

Oh, Kristin, I am insane . . . I just hide it behind a facade of normalcy ;-).