Saturday, June 23, 2012


I just can't open this blog one more time with the intentions of catching up and then write absolutely nothing.  Also, I just can't look at those British actors anymore (as lovely as they are).

So, I'm posting a picture from Caroline's facebook page because it was taken at a place dear to my heart - our hiking trail up Bell's Canyon.  The girls snapped this pic during an early morning hike after a sleepover a few weeks ago.  We all spend so much time up and down that mountain that it seemed like the perfect post to kick off my blog writing once again.

Early morning summer trail runs up Bell's Canyon are probably reason #2 why I can't move from the neighborhood (reason #1 = 21 kids under the age of 12).  Where else can you jump out of bed, lace on the running shoes, and jog to the trailhead within minutes?  One day I'll take my phone for some pictures of the place that fills my emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical tank.  But for tonight, this sweet picture of my daughter and her best friend will suffice.

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