Sunday, September 9, 2012

time to bring the blog back to life

Alright, seriously, I can't open this blog again and see that same picture staring back at me, which at this point is just begging to "PLEASE move on!"  So, I've got to do just that . . . resuscitate this poor blog and start fresh with our lives, even if I don't have all the pictures in one place, and even if I may not catch up with every piece of Cantera family minutiae since April.

That said, I have to share a Garrison Keillor tidbit I heard on this evening's broadcast of "Lake Wobegon" (ok, I know, I'm a radio geek) that had an interesting way of reminding me to recommit myself to this blog . . .

"The worst part of dying is all the 
unfinished business you leave behind."

Not like I see myself keeling over anytime soon, but you never know, and this part of our family history is definitely "unfinished business."  Soooo, my friends, I don't want to die and not have the blog caught up.  End of story and my neurosis.

Until the next post (which will hopefully be sooner than three months away).

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