Sunday, May 26, 2013


Yes, I know it's 1:30am and yes, I know my 16 year old daughter is still out on a Saturday night.  The laundry is done, my YW lesson is finished, the song I need to play is polished, lists have been made, receipts are categorized for the end of month budget, and the rest of the family is sound asleep in bed (all but Sophie who is spending the long weekend on Lake Mead with friends).

So, what's a busy mom to do?  How about completely losing yourself watching youtube videos - there is some really great stuff out there! Tonight I have been enlightened by the Discovery channel and have to share this clip - you're going to love it. Enjoy:

Is it just me, or did watching this bring tears to your eyes too?  (probably just me ;).  We KNOW this feeling, that tingling sensation deep in my soul that tells me something magical is happening.  Like last night for instance - I stepped onto the back patio to water the flower pots just as a brilliant full moon was rising over the mountain ridge and creating willowy black silhouettes out of the ridge line trees.  It was magnificent, it took my breath away and I stood there for a moment, grateful for the timing and taking it in, mesmerized by the beauty and brilliant light of a full moon rising.


These moments are what I live for and unfortunately, the pull of viewing someone else's moments of awe (i.e. my Instagram addiction) can rob me of these real moments that need to be experienced in the flesh.  Pictures are fabulous and give a momentary prick of enjoyment, especially when the photograph is particularly stunning. However, nothing compares to the pure rush of joy that fills the soul with something truly inspires.  It's exhilarating, and that's why this video recreated those moments of awe so perfectly . . . reminded me of my "responsibility to awe."

It made me reflect on the times when I feel that rush and I try to record as many of my "awe moments" in an informal journal where I record my little miracles.  It's been a few weeks since I've recorded anything solid, so for posterity's sake on the blog, here are a few things that bring on that giddy sense of awe, or "radiant ecstasy" as he says in the clip:

  • Finding the Milky Way on a clear night, in a place far away from city lights.  Watching for shooting stars.
  • Reading bedtime stories, singing songs, and tucking in my little ones.  Goodnight kisses, good morning kisses, snuggle time under the covers.
  • Meaningful conversations with my teens.  Hearing "I love you" over the phone or getting a text with the same message.
  • Flowers.  Really looking deeply into the blossom of a flower, any variety, and being blown away by the intricacy of creation.
  • Art.  Art and sculpture move me.  The vibrant energy inside a museum is thrilling, especially when I come across a painting that immediately draws me in by its beauty, its struggle, its humanness.  I never leave a world class museum without feeling a deep sense of awe.
  • Laughter.  Especially the open hearted giggles of children, and even better when it's my own children sharing a moment of laughter together.
  • Holding a newborn.  Is there anything more awe inspiring than a child who is so fresh from heaven?  Snuggling a baby and drinking in that sweet baby smell will bring a sense of awe to even the hardest of hearts.
  • Connecting deeply with someone and opening your heart.
  • Nature.  The beauty of this earth overwhelms me at time with it's magnificence.  I've been brought to tears many times just by the simple majesty of a sunrise/sunset, the mountains, fields, oceans, rivers, and deserts.  The mere variety on this planet is enough to bring a sense of awe into anyone's life!
  • Architecture.  Exploring the intricacies of cathedrals, old buildings, sky scrapers, and especially historic homes tends to heighten my sense of wonder.  
  • Music.  I'll never forget the first time I really listened to Beethoven's 3rd Symphony (Eroica) - I was so blown away, I sat in my car, in the dark, to finish listening to the entire symphony.  It was an experience I'll never forget.  Music, especially hearing something so pure, creates a radiant sense of awe.
Just a little something to think about this coming week.  And no, Caroline isn't home yet and it's 2am.  Time to call and get that kid back where she belongs so I can get to bed :).

Here's to finding and holding onto those moments of awe, wonder, and inspiration . . .

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