Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day 2008


The BEST part of Mother's Day has got to be all the homemade cards and gifts the kids pile up each year in anticipation of this special day, and I have to admit that Liza's green rock turtle recipe card holder was the winner this year - hands down! I'm pretty sure I still have every poem, letter, and homemade card from each Mother's day since Ryan was in pre-school . . . I can't give them up.
Speaking of these "made at school" treasures, take a look at the coolest functional Mother's Day gift I've ever received:
This is the yarn/cardboard trivet Ryan made for me in 3rd grade - i LOVE it and use it practically every day for miscellaneous hot food items taken out of the oven. I wonder how many parents from Mrs. Westover's 3rd grade class still use their trivets?? Every time Ryan sees his creation he gives me this look and tells me, "I can't believe you still use that thing!" And why wouldn't I? It's about the coolest trivet around and reminds me of my sweet son at an age when giving your mom a gift that you actually made yourself was really neat :-).
Other Mother's day festivities - Pat receiving her digital camera - sweet, now we can have pictures from the mission when she figures out how to use it. You can do it Sister Pat, we know you can!
Aunt Laura and Sophie . . . is Sophie all Cantera or what?
Caroline keeping the cousins entertained with fun items from the dress up chest.

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Carrie said...

Too fun!!! I wish we could have been there. :)