Saturday, May 24, 2008

"No Thank You"

"No Thank-you" is Elizabeth's latest favorite statement when asked to do anything, anything at all. You say, "Liza, will you pick up your shoes and put them away." She responds in an ever so cheerful voice, "no thank-you," and goes merrily on her way doing whatever it was before you so rudely interrupted her with your request.

Just yesterday while playing with a little friend over at our house, her friend wanted to switch games and play something she picked out. Liza, ever diplomatic, sweetly told her, "no thank-you," and continued playing what SHE wanted to play while her friend looked ever so confused. We are trying to explain to Elizabeth that, although she is so polite, saying "no thank-you" DOES NOT mean you have a free pass to do whatever you please! Sadly to say, it's not working - Chris just asked her to pick up a toy here at my parent's house before going outside, but instead she chirped, "no thank-you" and skipped out the door to go for a ride on her scooter.

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Super Kid said...

i like it, especailly my picture! you inspired me to create my own blog! thanks a ton!:-)