Monday, May 19, 2008

Pre-school pics

Well, today the pictures arrived home in Liza's pre-school bag and I have to say that my worst fears were realized (for those of you new to the blog - you'll find the whole story in my April 25th entry). Not only was she posing with her latest "i did it myself" hairstyle, but she was wearing her favorite dress-up OVER her regular clothes - thus, the polo collar poking out of the blue princess velvet dress added just the right touch.

When Caroline saw the class photo, she announced, "She looks hideous - I can't believe you let her out of the house looking like that!" I just grinned and replied, "yes, I did - just be happy it wasn't you."

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christensen crew said...

I love it! Sounds like something that would happen over here! :) It will make for a memorable picture and it will give it some character! I think I like it better the way they dress anyway! Ha, It is hilarious! I love that you just went with it! YOur girls are always the best dressed every other day anyway...