Saturday, February 7, 2009

Breaking my Blog silence . . .

Who am I kidding - not blog? I think too much and I just can't NOT write when something takes place that absolutely demands my attention . . . when an evening out turns into the perfect blog posting - or maybe my evening just feels like it an episode of Seinfeld rather than a date with my husband. I'll take that back, the majority of our dates could be possible Seinfeld episodes :-).

So, our time was short for a date tonight after a day of tennis lessons, birthday parties, and a hockey game - but I was determined to make it happen because it's been three weeks since our last outing and Chris and I could use some time AWAY from the noise and chaos of the house. As much as we avoid such places with names such as "Megaplex," we took the plunge figuring that Jordan Commons was fairly close and the movie we wanted to see was there. First of all, it's been over two years, and the last time it was a really late movie with a girlfriend who was in town visiting - we walked in late, found our seats in the dark and watched a delightful movie. The time before that was with the kids for a summer matinee of "Curious George." Frankly, I avoid the place as much as possible.

Tonight it felt like entering an entirely different dimension. Um, do people really bring their dinner (let me clarify - I'm talking huge portions of french fries carried in on massive trays) in with them to watch a movie? How much are these people eating? Do these theaters always smell like fried food? Holy crap - are we the only people in the theater without a giant, 5-gallon sized bucket of popcorn - for TWO? Does anyone come to watch a movie anymore without stuffing their faces full of food? Seriously, we look a little out of place showing up with our contraband box of Dots and a water bottle. Maybe I was just in shock and couldn't experience the true depth of the movie we had chosen.

Which brings me to something I am SO passionate about - movies. If I'm going to sit in a theater with large people eating even larger portions of fried food for over 3 hours, the movie better be good. The movie was supposed to be amazing, the critics raved about it, my friends and family loved it, it was supposed to tug at your heart strings, it would make you think . . . it was supposed to be "epic!" Um, ok, great, I'll go to the "Megaplex" for epic.

Lights dim, previews begin - love the previews - that new movie with Sandra Bullock looks cute . . . movie starting . . . I'm watching . . . pretty interesting . . . ok, old dying lady is um, old . . . great, I think I'm getting something out of this, or maybe not . . . I'm still waiting . . . ok, hmmm, there was a little tidbit of wisdom . . . Is this movie Hollywood's version of "depth and feeling?" . . . . oops, I don't think I was supposed to laugh at that part . . . . um, it's starting to feel a little like Titanic and Forrest Gump rolled into one movie, . . . . oooh, Brad Pitt on a sailboat with the sunset - that was NICE . . . ok, nothing happening here - no depth, flat characters, no emotion, contrived, a little lame . . . ok, I'm REALLY getting tired of the dying old lady . . . now Chris and I are whispering lines to each other that the characters should say . . . DO NOT start laughing because the lady next to you is wiping her tears . . . suppress your laughter Julie . . . "Chris stop whispering silly lines - I'm going to burst any minute!" . . . old dying lady is on again . . . . YAWN, when is this saga going to end?? . . . sore butt, shifting my positioning for the hundredth time . . . . Do NOT laugh, it's not over yet . . . . FINALLY, the credits!. . . exit the theater (while the theme from Titanic is now playing in my mind - "near, far, wherever you are . . . ") as quick as possible, try not to laugh too loud . . . ok, can't help it, I'm CRYING, Chris is cracking up, we finally make it out the door and tears are literally rolling down my face and I seriously can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

The movie was The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. From now on I'm sticking to my tried and true films at the Broadway. Those movies that are filled with powerful, intelligent writing and directing. Movies that make me laugh because they are quirky and beg for laughter. Love stories that are meaningful and filled with simple, yet profound longing. Dramas that truly touch your heart and soul . . . the ones that the tears flow spontaneously because they move us so powerfully.

I don't regret going to see that movie tonight. It was fun to just be out together, view humanity, and reconnect in a way only Chris and I can . . . plus, laughing that long and hard is oh, so good for the soul :-).


gina said...

I think F.Scott Fitzgerald rolled in his grave. But, you just wait - it will win the Best Picture. Which proves your point exactly! I've never been to that theater and after your description - I never will. That sounds awful. The smell, and all those people ....ugh.

I'm so glad your blog silence is done - that was a crazy idea! You are a better mom by blogging! There must be a way to reason through it. You are helping people! It is service to your fellow bloggers! Personally, this is one of my favorite posts. It was like I was right there with you listening to your movie rant. I loved it. The Seinfeld moments make life so fun. Don't you love how that man thinks?

Julie said...

HAHA - hey, I didn't comment on the short (I'm emphasizing SHORT here) story this sorry excuse for a movie was based on - i bet it's a great little story. C'mon Gina - where was the PASSION in that movie - did you feel any strong connection between the main characters . . . I couldn't feel it whatsoever. It just never felt genuine to me, nothing was sincere enough to warrant any emotion.

Anyway, there is absolutely NO way this can beat something like "Slumdog" or "Milk" for best picture, and if Brad Pitt takes the Oscar over Sean Penn, my view of Hollywood as an empty shell of intelligence will be solidified. The only award it deserves is "Best Make-up." You still need to see "Rachel Getting Married" - then compare the emotions in that film to the emptiness of "Buttons" - you'll see the difference :-).

But who knows, you might be right - this film could win . . . then you can have a good chuckle over my next blog posting ripping apart Hollywood! Thanks for your encouragement for my blog writing - you're the best!!

Kristin said...

LOVED THIS POST! So glad you're back...contraband Dots and water bottle...LOL. So funny. I haven't been to a movie in ages, but I'll put this one on my Redbox list, just so I can compare you're critique.
Welcome back to blogland!

Kristi said...

You make me smile.... I've learned that anything Hollywood touts as the best, I should probably avoid. Really. Your review confirmed my decision to skip Benjamin Button.

I'm glad you still had a fun night out, with your contraband snacks and sweet hubby.

Glad your back to the blog too!

Nancy said...

This reminds me when I saw some movie with you and Chris in college. He literally had the whole theater laughing in tears. I don't remember the movie, just Chris. So funny!
And I see the Humanities major come out in you, Julie!
You make me laugh too!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day!