Thursday, February 26, 2009

The bright side of washing dishes

This is what my kitchen counter looks like at this very minute - what fun. Actually, I don't mind doing dishes - it's really quite relaxing and the repetition helps me think and clear my head. I just don't know why in one day I baked cinnamon rolls, then Caroline and friend get home from school and want to make cookies, then we cook a 3-course dinner . . . . sigh.

Maybe that's an indication that I need more time to think and clear my head tonight ;-). OK, now I've psyched myself up to begin the task - nothing like a little positive thinking to get me moving!


Kristi said...

mmmm... you cooking exploits sound delish! I must admit, sometimes I don't cook, just because I don't want to do up the dishes afterwards. *blush*


lyn. said...

When I was a kid, I had to wash, by hand, everything that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher... amazingly everything always fit!!

It is still the same today... :-D