Saturday, November 21, 2009

Even better the second time

Love, love, LOVE this movie!  Last night I grabbed Sophie, Liza, and Ryan (so sweet - when he heard I was going to take the little girls, he wanted to come too) for an outing at the dollar theater to see "Up" again.  It's now hands down my favorite Pixar . . . I believe it's the only computer animated film that can bring tears to my eyes!  Such a tender story, so sweet and touching, not to mention unbelievably clever.  Truly, it's pure genius when you find a movie that appeals to everyone - a story that can move an adult to tears, make a five-year-old giggle so hard she about falls out of her seat, and keep a teenager enthralled the entire time.

Thanks again Pixar for another classic to add to our collection, this one is timeless.


Kristi said...

Agreed. It's a gem!

Kelly said...

I guess I should check this movie out! Thanks for the recommendation. You have the best taste in film, books, music, art and literature. It's no wonder I like you so much!

Stephanie said...

I can't watch this without crying. Honestly, there are more life lessons packed into this little movie. Priceless.