Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Liza's Christmas wish

Anyone know where we can find one of these?

Yep, a talking dog, this is the ONE and only gift Liza would like for Christmas.  No matter how much we try and explain that Doug is pretend, and that collars that make dogs talk don't exist, she is still certain that Santa will make it happen, and a little puppy with a very special collar that translates its thoughts into words will be waiting for her under the tree on Christmas morning.



Kristin said...

My Kate wants a 'real' stuffed animal, that talks and walks too! So if you find Doug, please, let me know!

Marti said...

It's so hard when they have TOO much faith in Santa and think he can bring ANYTHING!

If you want a JUMPING dog, you can have Sam! (haha) :-)