Friday, December 4, 2009

Manna from heaven

I praise the genius who first dipped a cinnamon bear in milk chocolate . . . these little creations have got to be my favorite holiday treat.  A few years ago you could only find them in specialty chocolate shops, now they are EVERYWHERE . . . heavenly.  So today when Caroline and I discovered the "Sweet Shoppe" chocolate display was set up at Dan's, we were giddy with excitement (I'm not joking - GIDDY) as we scooped over 2 lbs. of these delights into a white paper bag and rushed through the checkout so we could finally open our sack of treats and indulge - aaahhhh, love Christmas!


Kristi said...

yum! I don't love cinnamon, but somehow with chocolate it's divine. Let's face it, anything dipped in chocolate is a good thing. :)

Kristin said...

I love them too... alas, any and all chocolate gives Zeke gas, and then he makes ME pay for it... sigh.

{ bRee } said...

You are only the second person I know that likes those! I like them separate. My grandma would devore those things from heaven!!! hee hee hee