Thursday, December 10, 2009

Memory Lapse?

Today Liza brought home a little something from school, and I thought you all might find it as funny as we did:

Don't worry, Ryan's feelings were only mildly hurt.  The rest of us were laughing so hard that Liza referred to him as "Brudr" instead of his name . . . too much!


Kristin said...

We have a non descript "brudr" over here too.
Too funny.

cher said...

Oh my goodness - that list is HILARIOUS. I love it that Liza is your little comedian, even when she doesn't know it.

Sending lots of love across the street! ; )

{ bRee } said...

That is really cute! My daughter is learning to spell and read, I love it! When she sounds out a word and them spells it, it can be so hilarious!