Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Do I wear you out?"

This was Liza's question (just one of the hundreds she asked during the day) to me last night after she asked if she could climb on my lap and watch youtube clips of her favorite movie she's never seen, Slumberdog (sic) Millionaire.  While I searched for the clips, she continued her one sided conversation, it went something like this:

"I think I wear you out - you look tired."  um, ya, it's almost 9pm and you should be in bed, but insist on seeing the little boys from the movie steal bread from the roof of the train.

" . . . like OLIVIA, in the book, I'm just like Olivia huh -  she wears everyone out!"  can't disagree on that point.

"Oh, I don't want to see the part when they burn the eyes out"  sheesh, does anything get past this kid??  Don't worry, I won't show that part.

"Do you think when I'm nine you'll let me watch Slumberdog?"  probably . . . I'll be so worn out by then you'll get away with anything.

Those ramblings were the follow up from a conversation we had a few days ago in the car with Caroline.  I should know by now that whenever I play the soundtrack from Slumdog Millionaire, Liza will start in with a barrage of questions.  This is how it played out:

Liza: Ohhh, Slumberdog music . . . what's going on in the movie now?

Liza:  When do I get to watch the movie, Ryan and Caroline got to watch it!

Me:  It's not really a kids movie, it's a little too violent.

Liza:  It is too a kids movie, there are KIDS in it!  What does "violent" mean?

Me:  Well, there are kids in it, but there are things that might scare you.  Violent means people with guns, and people who get really angry and do things that aren't right like hit or shoot people.

Liza:  That's ok, I don't mind.

Me:  SIGH . . . hmmm, maybe i'll let you watch a little part.

Caroline pipes in:  Well, just don't let her see the part when they pour the acid in the kid's eyes.  Thanks a lot Caroline - here comes another round of questions . . .

Liza:  WHAT??  What did you say they did to the kid's eye?  What's acid?  Does it hurt?  What happened to their eyes?

Let's just say that for the past two days I've been answering every question an overly inquisitive 6-year old can imagine that has to deal with children in India, why children have acid poured in their eyes, why they beg in India, why they are blind, if everyone in India is violent or just a few people, if all children in India get to ride on the top of trains . . . . .

Yes, Liza, there are days when you wear me out, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Like last night just before bed, while I knelt down with my two precious youngest daughters for prayer (big kids and dad were at the Jazz game) and enjoyed this sweet conversation:

Liza:  When conference was on the tv, I heard someone say that Heavenly Father loves us even more than our parents, is that true?

Me:  Yes, that's true, believe it or not, we love you so much, but Heavenly Father's love is even deeper and more powerful.  It's probably hard to understand that, but it's true.

Sophie:  Ya, Heavenly Father never gets mad at you like your mom and dad!!

Liza:  He doesn't get mad, but He can get disappointed.

Me:  (thinking - "did she really just say that? quite insightful"). You're right, yes, he does get disappointed in us sometimes because we aren't obedient and don't choose the right, but he knows we'll make mistakes and still loves us and wants us to choose the right.

Liza:  I know he loves me . . . I think he gives me a hug every night when I am sleeping.

Out of the mouth of babes.


Kristin said...

She's a crack up! and a wise old soul. Love your new Spring photos too.

Kristi said...

She sounds like her Mother's daughter. :)

You are so tender. I love your musings.

The new side-bar pictures are precious!

joseph and brianna said...

How sweet. I so miss you and your family! I can't wait till we are able to make it out there again! Not really sure when that will be. But you better believe that when we do come out I WILL be coming over!
love you guys!!!