Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Liza

Yes, Liza is SIX!  Well, she turned six exactly a month ago (March 13th) and my goal was to post her birthday events before the next child’s birthday. So far so good . . . Ryan turns 15 tomorrow ;-).

Last Friday afternoon, after an agonizing month-long wait, Liza finally had her little birthday party at the Living Planet Aquarium. We had a nice, managable size group of six little girls, plus Sophie and friend Mia. Per Liza’s request, the party began with rousing games of “duck, duck, goose” and “button button,” followed by presents, then off to the aquarium, then back to the house for Liza’s favorite cupcakes and ice-cream.  Here are some pics from the festivities:

Liza was happy she finally got her promised "friends" party and I’m happy we put it together for her, even if it was at the last minute and with just a few good girlfriends. I’m glad I didn’t just bag the whole thing like I was tempted to do. Seriously, I feel like I “over promise and under deliver” so many times with my kids, it felt good to follow through this time :-).

Our dear Elizabeth,

You are the only child we know who screams and cries on a Sunday morning when dressed in a beautiful dress with pretty bows in your hair: “YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE!”

You delight us with your uniqueness and non-conformity. You like doing things your own way and don’t follow the crowd. Of course you are the only child in kindergarten who, when the class is decorating giant paper gingerbread men at Christmas, decides to turn yours into the Easter Bunny because “everyone else is doing gingerbread men.”

You enlighten us with your non-stop questions. Especially about the resurrection, this topic seems to intrigue you like no other. The other night while tucking you in bed and answering yet another round of “when we get resurrected” questions, you told us “all animals will get resurrected . . . except the ones that get squished, right?”

Your bright mind, keen awareness of life around you, and especially your loving heart are what endear you to our family. We love you dearly Liza and wonder what our lives were like before you entered this world. Happy 6th Birthday!

Your family


Michelle said...

Thanks again for inviting my girls. They had such a great time!

Kristin said...

what a cutie! Happy birthday Liza!

(she's funny)

Kristi said...

She's a dolly, and you are a fabulous Mom!

btw, Happy Happy Birthday to you too!

Sorry I couldn't do dinner - we have some oot company this weekend. I'll be thinking about you though!

Kelly said...

Julie, I sincerely hope that Liza will always ask those questions and never stop thinking for herself. What a great sparkle of life she is.