Thursday, April 21, 2011

"I don't know, what I've been told . . .

You never slow down, you never grow old."
Tom Petty, Mary Jane's Last Dance

pics taken to commemorate the event - officially 40.

According to my friend, Tom Petty, I'll never age ;-).

Yep, I turned 40, FORTY, "the big 4-0" this past weekend on April 16th, and by the insanity that defines our daily lives there is absolutely no slowing down happening anytime soon.

So, this week I will take one of my favorite songs to heart while celebrating this milestone, and figure as long as I continue full speed ahead, old age will elude me forever!
It was a perfect weekend which began early Friday running on packed dirt trails, hopping over streams, and working up a sweat at the base of our snow covered mountains . . . with Lucy in tow. 

Ahhh, the freedom to finally RUN, just to run injury free on the beautiful Dimple Dell trails on a cool spring morning for the first time this season.  My sense of wonder was heightened as I watched Lucy run with total wild abandonment, filled with such a complete and whole awareness of the "now," and living, and pure happiness.  I couldn't help but embrace the moment and laugh out loud every time she would race past me, then circle back, loop around my ankles and take off once again.  I wonder at times why we humans hold back so much and let the silly cares and responsibilities of life wear us down.  I wish at times I was more like Lucy, and not just live in the moment, but live it with gusto!  Furthermore, I swear my dog smiles, and on this particular morning her grin was almost as silly and wide as mine.

Well, the last day in my thirties also included a massage and facial (oh, and I might as well add "eyebrow waxing" to the agenda - you know when the lady gently urges you to wax your eyebrows, it must be something forty-year-olds can no longer neglect ;-).  As I started the car after three hours of pampering, relishing every second of complete relaxation before I headed back to real life, I realized this is something I need to do more often - MAN, I don't take the time to do these kinds of things (um, ya, the massage in India DID NOT count as "relaxing").  So, chalk up "more massages" to my list of things to do in my forties, along with "stop worrying about things you can't change" and "more yoga."

I'm looking forward to the coming decade and the changes and adventures that lie ahead.  It's a little strange to think that in 10 years, I'll have two children in their twenties.  Sigh.

But, for now, it's back to the present and a recap of my 40th weekend . . .
The morning was spent supporting Caroline in the final matches of the Icebreaker Junior Tournament.  She played so well during the week and found herself in both the singles and doubles finals.  It was nice to spend my morning watching her play knowing Chris was taking care of the other kids' needs, games, etc.  Caroline was disappointed she lost her singles match, but by the time her doubles match took place, all focus was gone and it was all about fun and chatting with friends between sets . . . really, I think the girls spent more time talking than playing tennis!

Chris had made reservations for later that evening at one of my favorite restaurants, our traditional spot where we celebrate milestones together.  It was a perfect evening, and we'll be continuing the celebration next month in Monterey/Carmel, CA.  Thanks my love, I can't wait!

Some pics from the celebration weekend:

Caroline after the tourney: Girls 14s - 2nd place singles and doubles.

Our cake.  Highlight of my bday - after telling the young lady what to write on the cake, she exclaimed, "YOU ARE NOT 40!"  Made my year :-).

Our tradition: blowing out the candles on the same cake!

We had my brother Travis and Kristie over for dinner and cake - they gave me prune juice - nice.

Thanks for the book - I LOVE Tina Fey!

Favorite birthday surprise - homemade cards!

Reading Liza's cute card.

Card from the family - Chris had everyone sign it . . .

Thanks family for making my 40th so special . . .

Big Hugs.
Here's to many more years of love and laughter!!


Kelly said...

Happy Happy Birthday to one of the most lovely, joyful, and youngest women I know! Keep on living like the ROCK STAR you are, Julie!

Kristin said...

You're the youngest 40 yo I know, that's for sure! Happy Birthday! See you Wed. (and dinner is on me, NO arguing!)

Love you!

Kristi said...

Hppy, Happy Birthday! You are beautiful and definitely don't look even close to 40! I absolutely think your active life style will keep you young and healthy. You are a joy to know! I love your enthusiasm for life. Hope it's another great year for you and those you love. xo