Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Perfect 24

Most of us have good days, some great days, a few "just alright" days, and hopefully not too many lousy days.  But rare is the day that scores a perfect 10and since they don't come along that often, I feel compelled to record my perfect 24 hours, beginning at 8pm last night . . .
  • First gathering of my newly formed book group - a most amazing collection of friends whom I absolutely adore.  It was an insightful discussion about this beautifully written memoir, and I think we all enjoyed each other's company immensely.  Thanks friends for a delightful evening!
  • Peaceful, restful, invigorating night's sleep (rare for me - especially when Chris is away).  I attribute my great night's rest to the new exercise regime I am crazy enough to do with some other friends - we'll see if I can make it the entire 60 days . . . I'll be a believer if I actually do get "ripped abs" ;-).
  • Waking up to the SUN and bright blue skies early this morning (which are highly appreciated after gloomy, dreary, gray days).  Time to read scriptures, get the kids off to school, straighten the kitchen, and then off for snowshoe adventure with Lucy up Millcreek Canyon.  Even though I did find it ironic I was snowshoeing in a foot of fresh powder at the end of April, I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to begin my day.
  • The PIANO TUNER guy came!  OK, this might sound a little strange, but it really is one of those days that brings a smile to my face - every 6 months we get the piano tuned, and it's like playing tennis with new strings - nothing better.  I LOVE playing on a freshly tuned piano . . . . ahhhh, one of life's little pleasures.  After he left, I sat and played piano for almost an hour - heavenly.
  • I found a Thule cargo box on KSL for a GREAT price . . . deals make me happy, especially when I was the first caller and 3 people called while I was talking to the guy :-).  Now our family can travel in a little more comfort this summer without taking out seats to fit sleeping bags!
  • Productivity.  I organized the girls' drawers, cleaned their room, changed sheets, then organized and cleaned the kids' bathroom and my room . . . all while listening to NPR for company.  This was the most thought provoking story I heard today - I was deeply moved and profoundly grateful for my own blessed life, and the lives of opportunity and safety my daughters enjoy.
  • P90X.  Enough said.
  • A sweet hour spent visiting teaching one of my favorite people in the world - time to reflect on the gospel, share insights, and gain wisdom from one another.  Perfect.
  • Heading out the door to meet some girlfriends for dinner and knowing Ryan is out on the patio grill cooking dinner for the girls - what a guy.
  • Spending time with dear friends, catching up with one another, comparing wrinkles (or botox injections depending who you are), and laughing so hard I think we really were a menace in the restaurant . . . I LOVE my friends!
  • As I pulled into the garage this evening, I was met by Ryan holding the phone out to me . . . it was Chris, calling from China.  My day ended with a conversation with my sweetheart whose morning is just beginning on the other side of the world.
Yes, a most perfect day indeed.


Kathryn said...

Love, love, love it Julie! I am going to go buy that book too. I need a good read! Love my book club too! Glad you had such a good day!

Kristin said...

Thanks for the book, I'm loving it, and it seems like perfect timing, but I should probably read her last one too, since I'm ALSO in that stage of life... sigh.

I'll send you that photo right now. Good to see you. Have a wonderful time in Cali!