Thursday, July 21, 2011

Livin' the DREAM

Cowgirl Heaven

Last week Sophie's dream of riding a horse for days on end and even participating in a rodeo came true.  If you are not aware of her fascination with all things HORSE that began at age 6, you can read about it here, here, and here.  Even her bedroom is decorated with a sweet horse quilt, a framed horse watercolor she painted, and plenty of "Breyer" horse collectibles and stuffed animals.

So, after a few years of riding lessons and realizing that we are obviously not ranch people nor will ever own a horse, I made a deal that if she discontinued the lessons she could have an entire week at "rodeo camp."  Sophie readily agreed, and after finding the perfect cowgirl hat, boots, rodeo shirt, and silver buckled belt, she was off to spend a week in breathtaking Island Park, Idaho with other kids who love horses as much as she does!

It turned out to be the stuff dreams are made of, and the morning I went to pick her up, she was begging to stay another week.  While she was at the camp, Liza and I had a mini vacation ourselves which is just what our neglected child needed - one on one time with mom . . . win-win.  I'm sure this will become a tradition because Sophie is already talking about next year and how she is definitely going back . . .

 Riding into the arena

 Watching her was pure joy

The kids even sang for us and line-danced too!

What a fun evening with my girls!

 Spying on Sophie and camp kids as they ride in from the lake

 Embarrassing Sophie as we check in while the kids are having dinner

Liza taking it easy at Mack's

 Heading out on a hike - such a trooper to stick with me for 5 miles

 That's my girl!

 We even enjoyed an evening of culture on the banks of the Henry's Fork - these kids were amazing! (my friend's daughter is in the center)

For more pics of our time in beautiful Island Park, click here.

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