Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's GReaT to be EiGHt!

Our Miss Sophie celebrated her 8th Birthday last Friday, July 31st - what a happy day for Soph! I really cannot believe our little girl is growing up so quickly into such a bright, beautiful, intelligent "big" girl. I still vividly remember the day she was born - everything about that morning and how we didn't know her gender and thought for sure she was a boy because it felt like I had a linebacker inside! We are so blessed to have her in our family, even with that feisty spirit about her.

Sophie loves to feel special, she thrives on any extra attention we can give her, so for her birthday it was a pleasure to watch her truly so happy because it was her day to choose the activities, to have the special breakfast, to pick the restaurant for the special date with Mom and Dad, and to blow out the candles and unwrap presents. It was a wonderful day for Sophie and it warmed my heart to see her so full of life and anticipation. I'd be lying if I told you all she's our easiest child, or 2nd easiest, or even 3rd easiest . . . hmmm, guess that means she's our toughest . . . she's that one child that brings SO much joy into our life, but at the same time SO much grief. If you are remotely interested, you can catch a glimpse into Sophie's personality by glancing at this post, or this post.

That said, her birthday party with friends is still on hold. I've decided to hang on to the invitations until she's "earned" the party. One side of me really feels for her, because I get it, I get how easy it can be at times to overreact to situations and become frustrated with people (her siblings) so quickly. However, one rule in our home is that if we can't treat our sisters/brother like we would a friend, we don't get to play with friends. Soooo, the party has been on, then delayed, then back on, then postponed, then back on, and now it's postponed indefinitely until she can show me her inner strength by not losing her temper. *SIGH* I'm sure I'll hear about it in 20 years when she's explaining the reason why she's in therapy is because she never got that birthday party!

Sophie's Day - 8 years old

Lunch at her favorite spot - Salt City Burger Co.

Activity of choice - BOWLING

My beauties

Presents . . . so exciting!

A new Breyer collectable - thanks Liza!

"I guess if you're not going to get me a REAL horse, this is the next best thing!"

Eight candles - thanks Caroline for baking the cake :-).

Now, THIS is the Sophie we all love - nothing like trick candles to keep us laughing!

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Kristin said...

Wow, all that AND a friend party. Birthdays at your house are awesome.
Happy Birthday Sophie!

(good luck controlling that temper, I know, it's HARD!)