Tuesday, September 13, 2011

remember august?

Ya know, that month where we attempt to squeeze every last minute "summer break" activity into the three weeks before school begins (insanely early this year on the 22nd).  Well, our August was filled to the brim with Cantera adventures.

Here's the run-down via a boatload of pictures:

we played with Howick cousins at Bear Lake

Ryan mastered the backflip, and even helped Caroline learn
we went to the Raspberry Days rodeo . . . yee haw!
and watched the sun set over Laketown

we had a blast with Cantera cousins
we hiked the "Y" early one morning . . .
and enjoyed the views of Provo as the sun rose behind us, then headed back down for ice-cream at the BYU Creamery (yes, it was only 9:30am - bless the soul who served us at that hour :-).
we played in the sand,
and read books,
and had fun on the Wake,
and gave ourselves mud spa treatments,
and water skied,
and discovered that the Cantera clan is keeping Keen in business!

noteworthy events
Liza picked a bright pink cast
the girls played in the Cottonwood Jr. Classic tourney
and Caroline made the SHS tennis team . . .
and went to 109 degree St. George for a varsity tourney where she was desperate to cool off . . .
we (and our neighborhood) said "good-bye" to our dear friend Jenny and little Caleb . . .
and had a great time at our last Bees' games of the season with Jenny and the Elggren kiddos

we spent time with old friends
enjoying a hike (no pics) and musical with Amy & her girls
attended the sealing of little Phoebe to the LaBelle family in the Bountiful Temple
and caught up with Rachel, Jodi, and Steph at lunch

what a month
hopefully the memories will last longer than our tans ;-)

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Kathryn said...

Wow! That is one HECK of an August!! Our school started Aug. 10, so be glad you got a little more time! :)
Fun times in my beloved Utah! :)