Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day

The little girls just headed out the door to school with their backpacks filled with the obligatory class valentine's, treats, and decorated boxes.  Despite the hassle, I LOVE Valentine's day.  Not the commercial "buy your sweetheart flowers/chocolate/jewelry" type Valentine's day, but rather the "you are the most amazing people in the world (i.e. family/friends) and I love you, adore you, and think the world of you" type V-day :-).

our valentine's traditions:
  • baking and decorating heart-shaped sugar cookies - I tried a new recipe and they were SO yummy - you can find it here.
  • making homemade suckers for the kids to give to their favorite friends (we thought we would make them for their classes, but after a couple batches yesterday, I realized it would take forever to make almost 60 suckers, so zipped down to the store to buy treats for the unlucky, less than favorite friends ;-).
  • eating heart-shaped waffles with whipped cream and strawberries on V-day morning (unfortunately, it's just the girls b/c the big kids leave too early - I just leave some out for an after-school snack).
  • the girls' lunches:  ok, I know, a little over the top, but I love surprising them with heart shaped PB & J sandwiches (it's easy - just make the sandwiches and cut out with a cookie cutter and knife).
  • helping out with the girls' class Valentine's parties - SO fun!
  • DINNER: the kids pick the menu (tacos is the v-day food of choice this year - go figure), and we decorate the table fun and eat by candlelight.  Before we eat, the kids have to leave the room and I put a little surprise on everyone's plate (operative word = "little"), and during the meal I insist everyone mentions at least one thing that they love about another family member.

May you all enjoy a LOVEly Valentine's Day!

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