Friday, February 10, 2012

my girl

The wonderful things about Liza . . .

she NEVER takes off her favorite polar bear hat, ever (eats, sleeps, plays, etc.)
she loves outings with mom - and a few hours at Tracy Aviary is still cool
she loves owls as much as me
she still holds my hand
she asks questions about everything
her sensitivity to the world around her is astounding.

We enjoyed a delightful time at the Aviary earlier this week while the big girls were having their tennis lesson (plus, we had the place to ourselves - my advice - take advantage of these balmy winter days and head on over :-).  I'm glad I captured a few moments on my phone camera:

Our favorite Barn Owl - we had to go visit him three times that day - Liza loves this guy,
 along with Millie the crow who can say "wow."

Liza, may you forever stay young, innocent, precocious, and continue to find joy in the world around you.
 - mom

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