Monday, March 12, 2012

eight years

Our miss Liza Lou turns eight years old tomorrow and is so excited for her big day that she's having a difficult time getting to sleep tonight.  I love how she still holds on to that giddy, childlike anticipation surrounding her birthday.  For one day, our Liza, who is content to let everyone else share the "front and center" Cantera stage, gets to be the star.

She didn't want a birthday party this year and thinks that her baptism in May and the big family gathering that accompanies that special day will be a big enough party for her.  Until that day, we have several little family birthday traditions and Liza has been oh, so thorough in her requests:

Birthday breakfast:  crepes w/strawberries and whipped cream, sausage, and grape juice.

Birthday dinner:  homemade pepperoni pizza, salad w/cucumbers, avocados, carrots, croutons, and "Wild Coyote" Ranch dressing, and ginger ale.

Birthday cake:  chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting . . . from scratch (unfortunately my children refuse to eat store bought cakes - Caroline made her birthday cake this year - thank goodness for older sisters).

Treat for school class:  Shamrock sugar cookies

Birthday wish:  her very own pet panda, but if it's too hard to get one from China, she'll settle for a hamster (she has been BEGGING for a rodent ever since Santa didn't follow through on her initial request - sigh), so tomorrow after school we're surprising her with a trip to the pet store!  As for the Panda, I found the FAO stuffed variety ;-).

a look back . . .
Welcome to the world Liza . . . March 13, 2004

Liza's blessing - Mother's Day 2004

So loved by her big brother and sisters . . .

One Year Old
just before her birthday she fell down the stairs and flew into a wall - needed 16 stitches - ouch!
Happy 1st Birthday Liza!

Two Years Old
Favorite things at two: 
wearing Caroline's ski helmet (must have been a sign of things to come), playing with "little people," and streaking.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Three Years Old

Four Years Old
Celebrating with friends at your favorite place - "The Splash Zone" (Still best friends with Gracie!)

Oh, how I loved you at four - never a dull moment . . .

Five Years Old

Magical age - between 5 and 6 - Liza can ski with the family!!

Six years old
becoming quite a little lady

Celebrating your 6th birthday with friends and a visit to the aquarium

Seven Years Old
 Still making us laugh

Happy 7th Birthday Liza - oh, how we adore you!

Seven and a half years old

What a journey it's been with our Elizabeth Jane.

HaPpY 8th Birthday!!


Bose said...

She is so cute, happy family, god bless you!Housewarming Wishes Messages

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Liza! I had no idea she and Amelia were that close in age. Amelia turns 8 on the 29th. Hard to believe.