Saturday, March 17, 2012


St. Patrick's Day is coming to a close and I know my days of making holidays exciting and fun for the kids are slowly dying off. Poor Liza, she didn't even wear green . . . as a matter of fact, I don't think she even KNEW it was St. Patrick's Day!  We were just too busy today, and with it being a Saturday I didn't need to worry about green clothing or creative lunches (there was a point in my life when I sent lunches with sandwiches prepared on green bread :-).

I did, however, think about good luck and how sometimes you are just plain lucky every once in awhile. So, in celebration of this glorious Irish holiday, here are a few things where luck has been on our side . . .

  • we've made it through the winter without any of the kids getting sick (just watch - this next week someone will get the flu ;-).
  • although Utah has had one of the worst ski seasons EVER, we were lucky enough to ski the only good powder day of the year (so far - let's hope we'll get at least one more).
  • on the other hand, we skied the WORST day of the year today and were lucky that no one broke a leg on the two runs we did before deciding to call it a day and come home.
  • while browsing the shoe aisle at the Rack the other day, I happened upon the perfect pair of spring coral/red ballet flats . . . lucky me!
  • this week Ryan received his first Ivy League admissions letter (from Columbia) asking him to consider applying.  He's still thinking BYU, but loves the recognition - lucky kid.
  • the dog has yet to discover the two pet hamsters Liza is keeping in her room - lucky hamsters.
  • pretty lucky that the police officer who pulled me over for speeding down Parley's Canyon this morning at 92 mph, wrote out the ticket for only 5 over ;-).
  • Chris just informed me that he has another conference in Monterey in May, which means another trip together to the central coast.  Plus, he has to go back to Shanghai in June and I get to go - lucky us!  This makes up for the absolute NO LUCK we had in getting airline tickets for the family to Kauai for spring break for under $1200/pp.  I guess luck can only stretch so far.

Good luck isn't really that hard to find, not nearly has hard as a four-leaf clover in fields of clover - believe me, I've looked!  We are the luckiest people around to be surrounded by family, good friends, love, laughter, and beauty each and every day.

May the luck of the Irish be with you all.


Michelle said...

So lucky! Congrats to Ryan! I'm not sure that's luck though... :) I feel lucky to have such an optimistic and fun friend.

Kristin said...

Very lucky! Jealous of all your upcoming travel!

So the skiing is bad? We still have 2 days we have to use or lose. Should I just write them off as bad debt? We were thinking about this Saturday.