Sunday, March 4, 2012

we ski

It's that time of year again when my brother-in-law David and his family come into town for a long weekend of cousin time and skiing fun.  We all look forward to this annual tradition when we get to spend some quality time together on the slopes.  The kids also get to miss a couple days of school, which sweetens the deal even more!

I wanted to post some pictures from last year's adventure, but can't seem to find them, so I'll put a few camera pics from this season in anticipation of another GREAT day tomorrow . . .

Liza riding the lift with Mom - and yes, she can ski pretty much everything I can ski

After our adventure down an ungroomed Honeycomb Canyon, um, ya, Sophie wasn't too pleased
 (with Sophie's friend Carli)

Liza ready for her first day of ski team at Solitude

Caroline goofing off at the Bird

 I get to host the boys on Snowbird's opening day and powder days - they sleep over to get a jump start up the canyon (with a big breakfast to boot) - I love having them over!

Ryan at Snowbird

On Friday, after leaving the little girls to their own devices, David and I took to the traverse in Honeycomb in search of the perfect fresh track runs . . . we weren't disappointed!


Kathryn said...

Oh how beautiful that snow is!! So jealous! I won't make it back up to ski dangit! Too many other trips planned! Do an extra run for me, OK? :)

Kathryn said...

I forgot to say we are going to Indian Wells this weekend! Are you going this year? For some reason I don't have your e-mail address saved in my address book! E-mail me so I can have it in there! Thanks!