Wednesday, April 18, 2012

as of late

It's been a perfectly busy (what else is new), but wonderful beginning of Spring.  I have many pictures, memories, and thoughts to post and hope to get caught up by the end of the month (ya, I know, you'll believe it when you see it :).

So, life is good. We spent a few days on the slopes with cousins who were in town, enjoyed a warm few days staying at my parent's home in St. George while they were basking in the Hawaiian sun (thanks Mom and Dad), celebrated three birthdays and Easter, finished another season of high school hockey (unfortunately no state championship this year), made it through piano federation and a sectional tennis tournament, held Ryan's Eagle court of honor, put away the skis and gear until next season, started running and playing tennis again outdoors, and planned our summer (sports' camps, EFY, Pioneer Trek, swim team, family beach vacation, China, Bear Lake, and of course plenty of hiking, tennis, time at the pool, and yard work).

a few "catch-up" pics:
Ryan on the ice - Skyline Eagles Hockey 2012

 The girls celebrating Valentine's Day at school -
both girls have best friends with the name "Gracie"

 My parents deserve the "grandparents of the year" award for sitting in FREEZING cold temperatures watching their granddaughters compete in the "Sweetheart Circuit" over President's Day in St. George. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for your support!!

Loved skiing with my girls and their friends at Snowbird

 National Honor Society dinner - 3/28/12.   Ryan and some of his best friends (he was the only guy at our table and made the comment, "um, I guess the dudes I hang out with really aren't that smart" - haha).

Spring Break!!  Liza and Gracie taking it easy by the pool.

 Way to go guys!  Jefferson and Ryan received their Eagles - 4/10/12

Easter dinner at Grandma's and plenty of time hanging with cousins

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Michelle said...

I need to do a "catch up" post too. I think Gretchen might be right, there are some things that are easier if you do them daily instead of every once in a while. I hate having it hanging over me.

It was so fun to see you Tuesday night, I loved the discussion! Thanks for all your work organizing book group and for including me!