Sunday, April 22, 2012


Although Easter was a few weeks ago, it's one of those "catch-up" posts that I'm determined to put on the blog since we actually did get some pics of the family after church before anyone changed clothes (which seems to happen every year!).

I don't want to forget the beautiful sacrament meeting that morning, the pretty spring day, or the generous meal prepared for us at Chris' mom's.  I love Easter, love the profound meaning behind this holiday, and hope our children will remember the words that were spoken by Brother Grow that lovely morning.

Also, the kids just may want to remember the "non-traditional" Easter treats that appeared in their baskets later that afternoon.  Yes, being the procrastinator poster child that I am, I found myself at Target around 9:30pm Saturday night for what I had planned on being"one stop shopping" to fill the baskets (the traditional Easter candy and a new spring outfit for each child).  Well, let's just say that by the time I had carefully picked out each item of clothing, and finally made my way to the back of the store to grab some jellybeans, cadbury eggs, and peeps, to my dismay they were CLEAN OUT of everything we would consider appropriate Easter treats (chocolate peeps were the only thing left and they looked disgusting).  So, since it was coming up on 10:30pm and stopping at the grocery store was out of the question, I had to use my imagination . . . Spree candy took the place of jelly beans, European chocolate bars instead of cadbury eggs, and gum instead of peeps :).

Easter 2012 pictures . . .

You're never too old to dye Easter eggs

Our attempt at family pictures after church . . .
 My sweet neighbor noticed us out front snapping pics and took one of the family.  Anyone notice that we have absolutely NO idea how to pose ourselves - anyone notice Sophie back there??

2012 Easter baskets
 The baskets with treats before I added the clothes . . . oh, tictacs too - the little girls love those!
 The finished product . . .
 Easter Egg hunt in the backyard

Cousin picture at Grandma Pat's

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