Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More from the peanut gallery . . .

OK, Liza has been on a roll lately so I thought I would highlight tonight's moments:

1. When telling Sophie, "you can go play with your friends as soon as you . . . (this is when i mimed playing the piano)," Liza studied my fingers and excitedly guessed, "after she goes outside and finds spiders to keep as pets?"

2. During dinner we were having a conversation about how time has flown and in just three short years Ryan will be 16 and driving - yikes. Liza piped in and added, "oohhh . . . and he gets to kiss girls too!!"

3. While at the table, Liza studied a slice of nectarine and announced to everyone that it looked like a bum. Of course we burst out laughing and told her that wasn't appropriate, in which she replied, "ok then, it looks like buttocks." Now that one put us into hysterics, especially Caroline who finds anything Liza says hysterically funny.

4. After dinner Liza and Sophie were drawing pictures and Liza ran into the kitchen to show me her masterpiece. In great detail she told me it was a strawberry shake with vanilla ice cream and blueberries. When I asked her what the green thing was on top, she said simply: "oh, those are the avocados."

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Linda said...

I just love sweet little Liza. She is so funny! That nectarine story is absolutely hilarious!!