Friday, June 13, 2008

Here's to my great kids

I know, I know, everyone believes their own kids to be the best - the most wonderful, special, intelligent, and creative creatures to grace the planet. Ours are still working on that, but I have to say that this first week of summer break has truly been delightful, just sweet moments watching my two oldest children take on more responsibility and realizing that they are no longer little . . . that they are now really growing up.

Just this evening at my bookgroup, one of the younger mothers commented on how she is worried about her little ones becoming teenagers. I thought for a moment about how really great it is watching your children begin to be their own people, to gain more independence, and to learn from their mistakes. Both Ryan and Caroline have demonstrated their maturity and their desire for more responsibility and independence these past few weeks and I couldn't be happier for them.

Summer is the time when they become little entrepreneurs and try to earn some money for themselves. I don't believe in giving an "allowance" or paying them for chores, so for some extra spending cash they get to earn it. This will be Ryan's second year his "dog sitting" business and he's worked hard delivering fliers around the neighborhood, as well as attaching several to neighborhood mailboxes and lampposts. Caroline decided to get in on the action and begin advertising her skills as a most excellent babysitter, so she came up with her own flier and made the deliveries to all the families in the neighborhood with young children.

This evening watching Caroline come home ecstatic from a babysitting job with a crisp $20 in her hands, and then picking Ryan up at 11pm from a friend's home after a day of fun and then night games with good friends who come from great families, I couldn't help but be proud of my two oldest kids. They are a wonderful example to Sophie and Liza and have made wise choices regarding their friends and how they use their time. I couldn't be prouder and tonight I was just filled with gratitude for Ryan and Caroline, for the good friends they are to each other and how lucky I am to be their mom.

These pics are from the last day of school: Ryan and good friend Sam, Caroline and Kaitlyn in the outfits of choice for the last day of school - Caroline is never one to miss out on a chance to dress wacky and I love that about her! Btw, she began the day with a wig, dark sunglasses, and a baseball cap on as well - what a kid :-).

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