Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a Dad . . .

Happy Father's Day Chris - really, what an awesome dad you are. I'm not sure if any other dad on the planet can make up silly songs on the spot for practically any occasion, or has his kids laughing hysterically every night during story time, or has invented such cool entities as "blind monster," the "prayer mice," and "dot-to-dot," or has "fill in the blank" prayers for the kids when they are little. Just a few things about our dad that we couldn't live without, so thanks Chris for always keeping things fun.

Of course, just like Mother's Day, the best part of Father's Day is the homemade cards . . . the little girls were so excited to give Chris their latest creative endeavors - check it out:

And since it is Father's Day - here's to all the other wonderful dads in our life:
Grandpa Terry goofing off with the kids in Sea World. Thanks Dad for always being such a great example of love, kindness, and patience for all of us. Travis, Jenna, and I were pretty lucky kids to grow up with a dad like you. Now the grandkids adore you and are so blessed to have such a fun grandpa.

Grandpa Terry and my Grandpa Les Howick at Bear Lake. Grandpa Les loves all the grandkids and great-grandchildren and enjoys spending time with us all . . . the kids especially look forward to the ice cream cones Grandpa always keeps on hand just for them.

Grandpa Ron just loves his grandkids! He is always so thoughtful to think of each child on their birthdays and send something special just for them. We all appreciate the kind cards and e-mails he sends to all of us for each holiday and special occasion.
Happy Father's Day to all the great dads in my life - I love you all!

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