Monday, June 9, 2008

"Under the Big Top"

Well, the annual ballet recital was a success . . . meaning I successfully had all three girls in costume with hair and make-up and to the theater only 10 minutes past the time they were supposed to be there. Now, if my mom wasn't helping me get them ready, we would have really been in trouble! Thanks to everyone who came and supported our girls, it was a delightful evening and ever so entertaining thanks to Liza's onstage "Lion" antics, Sophie's intense focus during her rousing "circus horse dancer" performance, and Caroline's beautiful dancing. A fun evening for all . . . .

Caroline, Grandma Pat, Grandpa Terry, Grandma Janice, Liza, and Sophie

The "Entertainer of the Year" award goes to . . . . LIZA, for the best circus lion performance EVER, oh, and don't forget keeping the entire audience in stitches during her time on stage!
My three beautiful dancers.
Elizabeth and uncle Travis after the show.

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